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An ideal solution in your Advertising!

  • Why?

    Why do I choose Keystone Images?

    • Specializes in all range of outdoor and indoor inkjet printing.

    • Accept size range from name card to billboard.

    • Printing services from 720dpi to 1440dpi output.

    • Accept any amount of order, even single piece or volume output.

  • Why?

    What do I need to prepare?

    • When sending JPEGs, please use the high quality option to avoid extreme compression.

    • Digital Photo file resolution for digital inkjet printing needs to be ideally 75PPI to 150PPI (Pixels per Inch).

    • Send the final color visual in any size & any pape.

  • Interested?

    Ready to let us help you?

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

    • Tel: 03 - 8062 8858
    • Fax: 03 - 8062 8825